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Little Sprouts (6 weeks - 9 months)
Big Sprouts (9 months - 15 months) 
Exploring Sprouts (15 months - 2 yrs) 
provides a clean, safe, healthy environment for our babies. Each classroom is set up with low open shelves which display a variety of developmentally appropriate toys and materials for the children to choose from. 

Baby Doll Circle Time 
Baby Doll Circle Time is the invention of Dr. Becky Bailey, the brain behind Conscious Discipline. Research shows secure adult-child relationships are a prerequisite for healthy child development.


Our VPK program offers children an unparalleled level of individual attention to ensure success in fundamental academics like reading, writing and math. Children also enjoy music and art as part of the regular curriculum. Our goal is to ensure that all 4 year olds are ready to enter kindergarten by the end of the school year. We understand the importance of play and how learning through exploring builds foundational skills critical for future success. Our dynamic, fun and secure environment, supported by our professional teaching staff is the perfect place for children to learn and grow. 



Our toddler room provides many opportunities for active exploration throughout the day. Children will use their bodies, their senses and problem solving skills to learn about the world around them. Each experience is designed to engage the natural curiosity and creativity of children this age. We balance individual attention with group experiences and ensure your toddler's energy is channeled into positive learning experiences. 
Our toddler room is set up with the following learning centers: 
Housekeeping and Dramatic Play 
This area is set up with small kid size furniture, dress-up clothes, play food and dishes and baby dolls. 
Different sizes, shapes, and colored blocks are provided along with cars, trucks, and play people where children can use their imagination to build and pretend play. 
Children can choose from large, chunky puzzles with knobs or challenge themselves with more complex puzzles. They can also play with cause and effect toys, or stack colorful nesting barrels inside one another etc. 
Library area 
This area is set up with pillows, soft stuffed toys, puppets and books. Here the children can choose from a variety of age appropriate books or snuggle up in the teacher's lap while she reads to them. 
Toddlers love activities like finger-painting, pasting, coloring pictures, and folding or ripping paper. These activities might be a bit messy, but they have immense value. They help toddlers: 

  • get used to new textures, such as the feeling of finger paint 

  • learn how paint moves on the paper and the fun feeling of cool paint on their fingers as they move it around on slick paper. 

  • develop all kinds of fine motor skills, as they use their fingers, feet and so on 

  • express their thoughts, experiences or ideas through their creations. 

Sand and Water play 
Routinely sand and water play is set up on the patio area outside for sensory exploration and creative expression. 
A separate playground is provided for our two year olds with swings, balls, and ride on toy where children can exercise their large muscles daily. 


God's Little Angels - 2 year old class
Living with Jesus- 2 year old class
Creation Kids- 2 ½ year old class 
Son Flowers - 3 year old class 
Kids of the kingdom - 3 ½ year old class 

Our preschool program provides many opportunities for active exploration. Children will use their five senses and emerging problem solving skills to make new discoveries. Learning experiences are designed to engage the natural curiosity and creativity of each child. Teachers balance individual attention with group experiences to ensure your child's energy is channeled into positive learning experiences. 

Our preschool environment fosters academics and social skills with well designed learning centers that give children a purpose to their play. Our goal is to give preschoolers a sense of accomplishment and build their confidence from daily successes. 

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